Best Tasting Flavored Organic Matcha Tea, 80 Servings

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No-Waste Resealable Fresh-Keeping Bag No extra paper wasted on our fresh-keeper bags. Our bag is simple and to-the-point, keeping the tea fresh for months of use. Studied Benefits of Matcha (The following statements are based off of independent studies of Matcha tea and no specific claim or guaranteed is being made about these effects. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.) – HIGHEST ANTIOXIDANT RATING ACHIEVABLE (by ORAC method) – ENHANCES CALM – GREAT FOR ALERT MEDITATION – HIGH IN AMINO ACID L-THEANINE – BOOSTS BRAINS ALPHA WAVES – BOOSTS MEMORY AND CONCENTRATION – L-Theanine increases production of dopamine and seratonin – ENCREASES ENERGY LEVELS & CONCENTRATION – BURNS CALORIES – BURNS FAT – up to 4x that of average awake state – STRENGTHENS IMMUNE SYSTEM – shown to have antibiotic properties and include important nutrients – VITAMINS – A, B-complex, C, E, K and trace minerals.


  • Delicious, healthy and enjoyable to drink. Flavoring is perfectly balanced to overcome the earthy flavor of Matcha, but leaves all the goodness and health intact.
  • Better tasting than any other matcha on the market. This is a superb Matcha Tea for those who normally don’t like Matcha. You’re almost certain to love it.
  • Simple, natural ingredients. Only 2 ingredients – tea and natural plant or fruit extract.
  • Easy to mix without a whisk. Super fine ground powder makes our Matcha easier to mix than others even without hot water.


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